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The adventure began in 2006 during my first trip to Cuba when I participated in a group design show in a gallery along Havana's famous Malecon. I had the pleasure of meeting an extraordinary Cuban designer and professor, Claudio Sotolongo. He introduced me to the local design community and took me on a tour of the Institute of Cinema and Culture (ICAIC). This is where I caught my first glimpse of the hundreds of beautiful silk-screened film posters that have been designed since the Revolution in 1959. Rather than using the generic posters supplied by the film companies to advertise a movie, the Cuban government asks its designers to create unique interpretations of a film's theme that communicate specifically to Cubans.

Because the Institute lacks financial and technical resources, these rare posters are not being stored an archival manner, so the paper that the posters were printed on is yellowing and tearing. The paint on the posters is fading and cracking. I felt that something needed to be done to preserve these images, even if only in the format of a book. (The institute's officials were pretty adamant that they did not want me digitally photographing their entire collection for them for reasons that still remain unclear to me.)

After my trip to Cuba, I prepared a book proposal and sent it to publishers around the U.S. Most were intrigued and enthusiastic but wary of working on a project that would have a Cuban co-author attached to it---there were too many logistics to try to work out. One art book publisher, D.A.P., suggested that I find a publisher in Mexico since Mexico does not have the same restrictions as the U.S. when it comes to working with Cuba, and both countries have a friendly relationship. Trilce Ediciones, located in Mexico City, enthusiastically embraced my book proposal.

For me, it has been an interesting challenge working between Cuba, Mexico, and the U.S. to see this book to fruition. Each country has its own set of work ethics, and each person involved has their own distinct beliefs, all of which have informed the process as well as the content of the book. Even though it has taken 5 years to publish, I am proud of this poster manifesto---the only one that has the endorsement of Cuba's Institute of Cinema and Culture and the only one of its kind that is so complete. Distributed in the U.S. by D.A.P., this book contains art that has never been seen before outside of Cuba.


Soy Cuba
Cuban Cinema Posters
From After the Revolution

Features graphic design (more like fine art), never before seen outside of Cuba.

Introduction by Steven Heller; Written by Carole Goodman and Claudio Sotolongo.

Size: 9.5 x 13.5 in.; 320 pages; 272 in color.

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